Choosing a Liner Type

PoolsTubs Liners offers quality pool liners at the Guaranteed Lowest Price. Pools Tubs Liners is manufacturer direct business offering the longest above ground pool liner warranty in the market: a 25-years warranty! All standard above ground liners ranging from 8' to 36' and custom sizes are ready to ship next day! Just place your order and your pool liner will be on its way to you the very next day.

Our pool liners are designed with UV inhibitors, bacteria and cold crack resister to help extend the life of your pool liner by protecting it from the damaging rays of the sun, heat and our cold winters (up to -20C) and pool chemicals. Each pool liner is cut for accuracy, and lap welded with an advanced radio frequency vinyl welding to reduce seam separations. Each liner is inspected during the welding process by a quality control inspector.

Pools Tubs Liners has a variety of quality liners available to you. Heavy Duty, Premium and Deluxe. We will supply the weight of the liner and you can request a Liner Weight Chart so you can compare the quality you are purchasing.

For easy installation and to protect your Liner we recommend the use our Pool Cove and Floor Pads.

How to Choose the Liner Type You Require for your Above Ground Pool

Above Ground Overlap Pool Liners

Above Ground Overlap Pool Liners are pulled over the wall and rolled up or cut off on the exterior side of the pool. Overlap liners can be installed so that the liner is not seen from the outside of the pool. These liners have coping strips-round or flat plastic piece that snaps over top of the liner to lock it in place.

Above Ground Overlap Liners are the most prevalent type of liner and are the most economical of the above ground liner types. The overlap liner is available in solid colours as well full prints just like the beaded liner. We recommend this liner for the DIY customer since it is the most forgiving on installation errors and can cause the least amount of stress on your Above Ground Pool wall.

Above Ground Beaded Pool Liners

Standard Bead Above Ground Beaded Pool Liners

This popular bead is the same bead as you will find on an inground liner. To install a standard bead liner you must have a coping that is fastened to the pool wall called bead receiver (which we sell). This is the best choice of bead for customers that are building a deck around the top of their pool. Standard bead liners allow you to replace or change the pool liner without dismantling the top of the Above Ground Pool.

When ordering a replacement liner it is important to know the height of the pool wall. 48", 52" or 54" wall heights. Specific pool brands Kayak, Ester Williams and Wilkes have unique styles of bead and must be custom ordered. Similar to the Standard Bead, the Kayak bead is designed for Kayak pools only, and will only fit into the standard Kayak bead receiver. The Esther Williams Bead is a very specific bead only to be used for Esther Williams or Johnny Weismeuller pools. This is a larger, thicker beads that will not fit into standard bead receiver tracks.

U or J Bead Above Ground Bead Pool Liner

The J or U Bead liner is easy to install. Simply hang the bead on the pool wall edge. No extra equipment necessary to hold it in place. The design of the U Bead or J Bead allows you to install the liner without bead receiver. The Bead makes the liner install evenly around the pool edge letting liners have patterns with borders. You must have the manufacturer's suggested cove and flat base on the inside of the pool to install this liner. To change or replace this liner at a future date you must dismantle the top of the pool. The Wilkes Bead is a specific bead intended only for Wilkes brand pools. It resembles a J-bead, just much smaller.

Multi-bead Above Ground Bead Pool Liner

The multi-beaded liner is the newest option available. This two-in-one bead allows the customer to have the option of installing the liner with a bead receiver or over the edge of the pool wall.  

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